13 Week Program

What's Included:
3-hour CAHA medical (value $995)    

Comprehensive nutrition program

Detailed cardio home-program          

12 weeks of training 3 x per week

2 additional bod pod sessions 

2 additional full fitness assessments 

Doctor Supervised Medical integration 

Total Value:  $4590

ONLY: $3000

How it Works:

Week 1: 3-HOUR CAHA

Week 2: Nutrition meeting, meal plan, and 2 PT Sessions

Week 3-13: 3 PT Sessions Per Week

Week 4: BOD POD Reassessment

Week 7: Full fitness Reassessment

Week10: BOD POD Reassessment

Week13: Full Fitness Final Assessment, Results 

*Nutrition Sessions are with a Registered Dietitian. 

**May be covered by extended benefits

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