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13 Week Program



Our 13 week fitness program is designed to be life changing. We take a medically integrated approach to fitness and make sure that physically and scientifically you are making the most out of your exercise and nutrition.

PRICE: $4,500

See below for a schedule of how this program is laid out.

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Complete diagnostics and establish baselines

Our comprehensive health assessment has over 25 different diagnostic tests. Since you are joining a fitness program it is important that we examine all areas of your health that will be affected.

Once we have the results in, our team of health care professionals can get to work making you a fitness and nutrition plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Doctor and Patient
Intense Training

12 Weeks of Training

3 Sessions Per Week with a Fitness Professional

Take your training to the next level, while keeping consistency with your routine.

Our program is designed to keep you on track with regular sessions throughout your time.  A Kinesiology graduate will take your medical stats and cater a program that is specific to you. Thus optimizing your workouts so they can be the most efficient.

Meal Plan

3 Comprehensive Sessions with a Dietitian

No fitness program is complete without a nutritional component.  We have the expertise to review your medical file and advise what the best course of action is for an optimal eating plan.

We will hold you accountable to eating a sustainable diet full of great foods and creative recipes.

Healthy Morning
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